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1. Wind Power Generation

Wind power generation equipment bearing consists of 3 parts, including the yew bearing, pitch bearing and driveline bearing. Megawatt scale large wind power generator is equipped with a set of yew bearing and 3 set of pitch bearing as backup. Yew bearing is fixed in the connection of the tower and cockpit while pitch bearing is installed in the connection of the each blade root and wheel. The wind power generation requires a long working life in severe environment with high corrosivity, strong temperature vibration and massive sand, such as the coast, desert and canyon. The bearing we produced is designed and optimized according to the JB/T10705-2007 new standard in the structure, material selection, manufacturing, sealing and corrosion resistance to meet the needs of the wind power generator.

The wind power generator bearing enjoys many great advantages as follows. The optimized structure, overall conditioning and roller quench keep it with high load rating. The zero or minus clearance, roller or teeth hardening and selected lubrication enables it with low friction & starting moment. It achieves a high resistance to low temperature and corrosion due to the galvanization and paint. Particularly, it passes the -20℃ low temperature impact test and never be stuck or brittle even at a temperature of -40℃. With only once lubrication addition, dual sealing and convenient installation, it is easy for the maintenance and enjoys a long life for over 20 years.

We plan to extend the application of newly developed turning pair (worm-gear pair) to the under megawatt wind power generator to replace the yew bearing gear drive system. The newly developed turning pair enjoys greater advantages of compact structure, small size and high drive ratio. Please refer to the SBI sample CAT-601 and contact us for the further information of the turning pair.

2. Solar Power Generation

Solar power generation, also called optical or photovoltaic power generation, is the new clean energy developed all over the world with a promising future. The solar cell panel of the solar power generation system needs to change its angle according to the position of the sun to collect the solar rays and heat for a high generating efficiency. We carefully design and develop a turning pair with external-gear bearing sealed in the wheel for the sun tracing machine. The external gear fits tightly with the secondary conjugate screw teeth. Droved by the servo engine, the worm rotates with the external gear. With high strength screw, the solar panel is connected with the worm-gear pair.

The SBI turning pairs have been widely used by tens of domestic companies in many applications including the solar power generator, lifting equipment, excavating machinery, transportation and special vehicles, aerial working platform, machinery turning table and satellite earth antenna. It is also our competitive product in Brazil and India market.

We provide volume production of 3-25 inch single screw turning pairs as well as the customized single screw pair of larger size and the dual screw or other special structure. Featured with compact structure, high load rating, strong upsetting moment tolerance and high drive ratio, it enjoys a high reputation from the solar power generation industry.

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Fields of Application

1. Tandem bearings used on screw shaft of parallel twin screw extruders 

(1) Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing

(2) Thrust Bearings 

(3)Multi-Stage Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing

2. Bearings for metallurgical equipment 

(1)Slewing Bearings 

(2) Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing 

(3) Double Direction Thrust Ball Bearing 

(4)Angular Contact Ball Bearings 

(5)Cylindrical Roller Bearings 

(6)Taper Roller Bearings

(7) Track Roller Bearings 

(8) Unidirectional Rotation Bearings 

(9) Special Bearings

3. Bearings used in copper pipe rolling mill 

(1) Slewing Bearings 

(2) Cylindrical Roller Bearings 

(3) British System Single Row Taper Roller Bearing

4. Bearings for spiral weld-pipe mill 

(1) Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing 

(2) Thrust Ball Bearings 

(3) Track Roller Bearings

5. Bearings for construction machinery 

(1) Slewing Bearings 

(2)Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing

6. Slewing bearings for stacker/reclaimer 

Slewing Bearings

7. Bearings used in cement equipment 

(1) Slewing Bearings 

(2) Cylindrical Roller Bearings

(3) Taper Roller Bearings 

(4) Spherical Thrust Roller Bearing

(5) Crusher Bearing

8. Bearings used in textile machinery 

(1) Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing 

(2) Yoke Track Roller Bearing with Plain Retaining Ring Needle Rollers

9. Bearings used in arrester of whirlpool compressor 

(1) Eccentric Thrust Ball Bearing Assembly for Vortex Compressor 

(2) Yoke Track Roller Bearing with Plain Retaining Ring Needle Rollers

10. Bearings used in derrick 

(1)Slewing Bearings 

(2) Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing

11. Bearings used in electric power equipment 

(1) Slewing Bearings 

(2) Unidirectional Rotation Bearings

12. Bearings used in other fields 

(1)Slewing Bearings 

(2)Roller Bearings 

(3)Thrust Bearings 

(4)Roller Thrust Bearings 

(5)Angular Contact Ball Bearings

(6)Cylindrical Roller Bearings 

(7) Taper Roller Bearings

(8)Deep Groove Ball Bearings 

(9)Self Aligning Ball Bearings 

(10)Split Spherical Roller Bearings


Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing


Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing with Flange

As an experienced special bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we can produce various bearings, including thrust bearings, roller bearings, roller thrust bearings, slewing bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, taper roller bearings, and other specialized bearings. These bearings have the characteristics of stylish design, compact structure, reliable performance, low vibrating noise, and long service life. They are applicable to mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, medical apparatuses, rolling mills, generating equipment, as well as the machine building industry, paper making industry, civil aviation industry, and so on. 

OEM service is also available, upon request. We welcome customers from all over the world to contact us.