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A Good Method To Judge The Operation Condition Of Slew Drive
Aug 03, 2017

  A good method to judge the operation condition of Slew Drive

  With the rapid development of rotary-driven technology in China, many High-tech technologies are gradually used in industrial production, speeding up the pace of automation construction in China's industry, improve the efficiency of industrial production, but in different mechanical production, there may be errors, we must make judgments in advance, timely maintenance of machinery to ensure that mechanical failures affect production, then we should from which aspects to better judge it?

  First of all, from the operation of the rotation-driven return clearance, Slew Drive in the operation of the instantaneous positive and negative rotation of the operation of the way to determine the return clearance is big is small, reference to the product using the specifications of the corresponding model and the corresponding return clearance, you can determine whether the eligibility.

  Second, from the Rotary support to undertake the rolling sound, after the start of the Slew Drive, we have to carefully identify its rolling sound quality, to see if there is abnormal sound in the process, or whether there is an irregular sound, by judging the rolling sound, we can determine whether it belongs to normal operation, if there is abnormal sound, we need to check which link has been damaged, Slew Drive and take effective maintenance methods.

  Finally, the Slewing drive installed on the mechanism, loading and running for more than 30 minutes, a full range of observation of the operation: noise, return clearance, Slew Drive such as all normal, indicating that this Slew Drive products qualified, can be assured of use.