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Advantages Of Slew Drive And Analysis Of Bearing Structure
Jul 21, 2017

  Advantages of Slew Drive and Analysis of Bearing Structure

  Bearings as an important part of the normal operation of the turntable, we have a focus on the quality of the purchase, as well as the use of Slew Drive is also very necessary. Today we come to give you the use of Slew Drive advantage, as well as a simple analysis of the next swing-driven structural characteristics, the following and Xiaobian together to see it!

  First, light weight, it is generally thought that the use of missile launchers above the slewing ring, to bear the momentum of the missile launch force, that material must be very strong to be able to do this. Second, the ability to withstand forces from different directions of the rim, although his weight is light, but in the tolerance of this must not sloppy, it can withstand axial force, tipping moment and radial force. Third, the application is very broad, because of its light weight, can withstand the different directions from the shaft of the characteristics of the force, in addition, the welding machine also has its use, it plays a very important role.

  Slewing bearings are large, special structural bearings that can withstand large loads. It can meet the different needs of various types of host under different conditions, because it comes with its own lubricating oil hole, mounting holes and sealing device. The basic structure of the slewing ring is the inner ring, outer ring, rolling body, isolation block four parts. It can bear both axial force and radial force, because its core part of the use of the structure of the slewing ring. The structure of the slewing ring is usually single-row, double-row four-point contact ball slewing ring; cross cylindrical roller, cross tapered roller slewing ring.

  Above the main analysis for the three aspects of the Slew Drive performance advantages, light weight, can withstand a variety of pressures and a wide range of applications. Slew Drive applications and more wider areas, Shangbang Machinery Company is also constantly innovating and challenging every unknown field!