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Analysis Of Common Damage Of Slewing Bearing
Jul 21, 2017

  Analysis of Common Damage of Slewing Bearing

  Slewing Bearing is a compact, easy installation, easy maintenance of large bearings, generally in large cranes, excavators and other large equipment to apply to more, but, in many cases, inevitably is the rotation support also because the external environment Changes in a variety of damage, today, Xiaobian on the rotation support for some of the reasons for the common damage analysis, do not understand friends can learn the next.

  One reason, the slewing ring raceway surface metal spalling;

  Slewing Bearing in the case of how much load, it is likely that fatigue will intensify the phenomenon. Of course, the slewing ring is improperly installed, the shaft appears to bend, there will also be roller off phenomenon. The fatigue flaking of the bearing raceway reduces the operating accuracy of the shaft, causing vibration and noise to occur.

  Reason two, Slewing Bearing cage fragmentation: the reason is the lack of lubrication, rolling body broken, seat crooked and so on.

  Cause three, the metal that rotates the support cage is attached to the rolling body: the possible reason is that the rolling element is caught in the cage or insufficiently lubricated.

  Reason four, seat ring raceway serious wear and tear: may be within the seat ring into foreign body, lack of lubricants or lubricants grades inappropriate.

  In general, there are several reasons for the common damage of slewing bearings. If you encounter a similar situation in the use of slewing bearings, it is believed that through the accurate analysis of the causes, it is necessary to find out the solution as soon as possible and minimize the loss.