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Analysis Of Slew Drive Oil Leakage Of The Main Reasons And Solutions Are What
Aug 16, 2017

  Analysis of Slew Drive oil leakage of the main reasons and solutions are what

  First, the gear shaft through the bearing in the circular surface, through the end of the cover out of the Slew Drive, the shaft and the end hole has a certain gap, because the pressure on both sides of the sealing point is poor, splashing oil after the bearing can not Timely flow back to the drive under the shell, the oil gathered in the bearing and the end of the cover, while the shaft in a rotating state, after prolonged use of the lower shell and the end of the seal is not very tight, resulting in the oil by the axial And the end cap groove leaks outwards.

  Second, the rotation of the upper and lower shell coupling surface of the seal is driven by the main static sealing point. Combined with the surface of the rough finish, the upper and lower cover plate thin deformation and tightening of the bolt will also cause oil leakage.

  Third, with the extension of the use of time, Slew Drive oil seal aging, shaft head wear and more failure, but also often lead to Slew Drive input and output shaft lubricants leak. In addition, the skeleton seal aging also caused the reducer head oil spill.

  So in the end how to solve the Slew Drive oil leakage problem? The beginning of the oil spill when we always think that the steel frame seal has a quality problem or load caused by large, but after several times after the replacement effect is still poor, and later after access to information, after careful analysis, the original Slew Drive input The shaft of the oil ring by an increase for the double block oil ring, one is the whole ring, there is a open type. This can be used to block the oil flowing through the shaft and the bearing during the splashing process. Moreover, we will return to the oil tank and return to the oil were treated, back to the oil eye into the head, in order to benefit the oil. On the other hand, the oil guide groove is introduced into the chamfer near the bearing near the lower part of the reducer to facilitate the flow into the oil sump. We also examined the vent holes and expanded the vent holes in order to reduce the effect of oil temperature pressure on the skeleton seals. In addition, we have also replaced the skeleton seal. The results through the use of a period of time and found that the effect is very good, oil leakage problem has been resolved.