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Classification Of Slew Drive
Jun 13, 2017

  Classification of Slew Drive

  According to the type of variable speed transmission driven by Slew Drive, it can be divided into gear-type slewing drive and worm-worm-type slewing drive, which inherits the characteristics of gear transmission and worm gear transmission, which can be used in both high and low speed applications. In terms of carrying capacity, worm-worm-type performance is superior to tooth type, and when enveloping worm drive is adopted, its bearing capacity, deformation resistance and transmission rigidity are further improved, but the worm-driven Slew Drive is inferior to the tooth-type Slew Drive in efficiency.

  According to the open distinguishing of rotating driving mechanism, the Slew Drive can be divided into open type and closed type, usually open type structure is used for the environment is too bad,Slew Drive maintenance and maintenance cycle short application occasions, open structure more convenient for the inspection, maintenance and maintenance, but also more convenient replacement. The closed structure can provide a longer maintenance life cycle in situations where the environment is not changing and the below-average environment is dirty.