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Common Trouble Shooting Of Slewing Bearing
Jun 27, 2017

  Common trouble shooting of slewing bearing

  1. slewing support bearing rotation is not flexible.

  Slewing Bearing in the factory before the strict inspection and commissioning, are qualified products, so if found to be stranded phenomenon can be excluded as follows.

  (1) The new purchase product idling is not flexible. Please check the slewing bearing production date, if the time is longer (such as more than half a year), the climate is colder, it is possible that the viscosity of the lubricating grease in the raceway will lead to the operation of the less than the spirit (cold area, winter more prominent). Exclude method:

  • After Afterburner, if the operation and no other abnormalities can be used normally, if accompanied by abnormal sound, check the transport process has no serious trauma, and will be feedback to our company Sales Department processing.

  (2) The operation is not flexible after installation. It may not fit well with the mounting surface of the main engine and the slewing bearing the axial clearance of the slewing bearing after installation can not compensate for the deformation of slewing bearing, the slewing bearing is in a negative clearance state, the rolling body is difficult to operate in the raceway (sometimes with abnormal sound), or the size gear has bad meshing; Exclusions:

  • Re-processing mainframe installation plane, so that the installation plane meet the requirements, or the use of gasket enrichment method.

  • Reset the gear meshing backlash as required, especially to pay attention to the maximum gear runout position.

  • Check to make sure the size of gear meshing position is equivalent.

  • Replace a slightly larger slewing support bearing.

  (3) The operation is not flexible

  • Lack of grease, fill as required

  • Broken seals, causing foreign bodies to enter the raceway (such as the use of poor working conditions, such as the invasion of dust in the raceway).

  • Check the size of gear meshing, there are no foreign bodies or broken teeth. If the above measures to take the slewing bearing still can not rotate, may be a fault in the raceway, please inform our company after-sales service department processing.

  2. Different

  Just factory slewing Bearing in idling some will emit a rolling steel ball even sound, it is normal. Slewing bearing with another abnormal, larger noise is called the abnormal sound.

  (1) The new product idling the slight abnormal sound, rotates dozens of turns after generally will disappear naturally. If not disappear, may be in the transport process of slewing bearing slight deformation caused by, but if the operation of flexible, normal, can be assured of installation use, after a period of time natural disappearance. If the noise is larger or after a period of use (generally 2-4 months) has not disappeared, we should promptly contact the Department of after-sales service.

  (2) After the assembly test run abnormal sound, should check whether the installation surface to meet the requirements, if the installation surface roughness is not up to the requirements, will lead to the formation of negative gap between the raceway, the treatment method and "After installation is not flexible"; or the size of the gear meshing bad, tight, in the tooth jump maximum position meshing too tight produce abnormal.

  (3) The use of the process to produce a different sound, (first of all, to determine whether the slewing bearing the sound, some steel structures or other components issued the sound, often mistaken for slewing support bearing the sound, therefore, can be used to stop slewing bearing rotation, other parts of the normal operation to distinguish the source of the noise, there are several reasons: the lack of grease in the raceway, rolling and the collision of the block to make a sound, the timely injection of oil can be eliminated; mixed with foreign bodies in the raceway, such as sand grains, iron filings, etc. This situation is often accompanied by rotational difficulties (in general, this situation is easy to use in harsh environments). At the same time should also pay attention to whether the seal is broken, the installation of bolts loose, resulting in slewing bearing elastic deformation, deformation position, such as negative clearance, to exclude the above situation, such as slewing bearing still exist in different rings please contact my company after-sales service department processing.