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Cross-roller Bearing Installation Procedure
May 12, 2017

Installation Procedure

1.When installing the cross-roller bearing,please follow the procedure below.

Checking the parts before installing them

Thoroughly clean the housing and other parts to be installed and check to determine if deburring is required.

2.Installing the cross roller bearing into the housing or onto the shaft

Since the cross roller bearing is a thin wall bearing type which tends to misalign when it is installed, we shall gradually drive the product into the housing or onto the shaft by gently hitting it with a plastic hammer while keeping the product horizontal.Continue to hammer until it fully contacts the reference surface.

3.Attaching the presser flange

Firstly, When attaching the presser flange, attach it to the integrated rotation ring .

Secondly, place the presser flange onto the cross-roller bearing.Rock the flange several times to match the bolt holes.

Thirdly, insert the presser bolts into the holes.Manually turn the bolts and make sure that they dont display skewing caused by misalignment of the holes.

Fourthly, tighten the presser bolts in three to four steps from light to full tightening by repeatedly securing the bolts in diagonal order.When tightening the separable inner or outer ring, slightly turning the integral outer or inner ring will correct the dislocation between the ring and the body.