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Cross Roller Bearing Structure And Characteristics
May 11, 2017

Structure and Characteristics

With the cross-roller ring and compact structure, cylindrical rollers are arranged crosswise, with each roller perpendicular to the adjacent roller in a 90°V groove, are separated from each other by spacer or cage .This design allows just one bearing to hold loads from all directions including radial, axial and moment loads.

Cross roller bearings can be manufactured in various structures with spacer, cage or full complement.The cross roller bearings with spacer or cage are suitable for high speed and low friction applications while full complement cross roller bearings for low speed and heave load.

Since the cross roller bearings achieve high rigidity despite the minimum possible dimensions of the inner and outer rings, it is optimal for applications , such as joints and swiveling units of industrial robots, swiveling tables of machining centers, rotary units of manipulators, precision rotary tables, medical equipments , measuring instruments and IC manufacturing machines.

High Rotation Accuracy  

The spacer retainer fitted among cross-arranged rollers efficiently prevents rollers from skewing and rotation torque from increasing due to friction between rollers.Moreover, there is no displacement and locking of rollers in the cross roller bearing.

Since the inner and outer rings are designed to be separable , the bearing clearance can be adjusted.In addition, high rotation accuracy is ensured by adjusting the bearing clearance even though preload is applied.

Easy Handling

The split inner or outer rings are secured to the body after rollers and retainer being installed.Therefore,It is easy to handle the rings when installing the cross roller bearings.

Skewing prevention

The spacer retainer keeps roller in their proper position, thereby  preventing them from  skewing.Stable rotation torque is achieved because of elimination of friction between rollers.

Significant Increased Rigidity

Cross-arranged rollers allow a single cross roller bearing to hold loads in all directions, which increases the rigidity to three or four times greater than the conventional type.