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Cross Roller Bearing Types And Features
May 16, 2017

1.SRA Thin type

(Separable outer ring for inner ring rotation)

SRA series are small, light and compact bearing with the thinnest possible inner and outer rings.It is the best choice for locations where space saving, weight reduction and downsizes are required, such as hands of robots and manipulators or other swiveling units. The outer ring of SRA is separable and fixed by special rivets after installation.

2.SRB/SRBC/SRBH standard Type

(separable outer ring for rotation inner ring)

SRB/SRBC/SRBH series are standard types with outer and inner rings as small as possible.Its outer ring is separable while the inner ring is designed to be integrated with the main body.This type is very suitable for the locations where high rotation accuracy of inner ring is required, such as index table swiveling unit of machine tool.

3.SRE Standard Type(Rotation outer ring)

Based on and improved from SRB.model SRE has the same major dimensions as model SRB and is widely used in the locations where the rotation accuracy of the outer ring is required.

4.SRC Standard Type (Separable outer ring for rotation inner ring)

SRC series are similar to SRB series.The two separable outer rings are connected by cirlips.

5.SRT Standard Type

SRT series are similar to SRB and SRE in structure and design .SRT tapered cross roller bearing, with tapered roller cross-arranged and spaced by retainer in V groove , has two separable outer ring or inner ring.Compared with cylindrical cross roller bearing, this design allows one bearing to uphold heavier load.The features of this type are high rotation accuracy, high speed and excellent stability.