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Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing
Jan 12, 2017

Rotary cross-roller bearing, their roller wheels, and ocean shipping between interval cruciate arranged at right angles to each other. They can suffer from both parties to load (such as load axial thrust or momentum) roller status contact with the track surface. Therefore turning withstand load and the possibility of elastic deformation is small. This type of slewing rings is widely used as industrial automation robots. working machinery and medical facilities, and so on, requires high rigidity, close and still ensures precise situations at high speeds. In turn crossed roller bearings, cylindrical roller in a 90 ° v-shaped Groove roll holder is perpendicular to the surface through interval arranged, so 1 crossed roller bearings can accommodate radial loads, axial load moment loads and other loads in all directions. Dimensions of the inner and outer rings are minimal compact, thin type is close to the limit of small size and with high rigidity is best suited for industrial use machine recognized joint or rotating mechanical Rotary worktable of machining center, rotating the manipulator, precision rotary table, medical equipment, metering. IC manufacturing equipment and so on.