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Abengoa Corporation From Spain Announced In February, 2016 That The First Tower Solar-thermal Power Station
Aug 02, 2017

CSPPLAZA News: Abengoa corporation from Spain announced in February, 2016 that the first tower solar-thermal power station, Khi Solar One, began to operate commercially in South Africa. Khi Solar One is the first commercial tower power station and the second commercial solar-thermal power station in South Africa. It is also Abengoas  third commercial tower power station with the largest installed capacity and the highest technical level ever since.    

It needs multilateral cooperation to build a commercial solar-thermal power station. Now the station in operation employs a kind of special bearing products made by a Chinese companyLuoyang SBI Special Bearing Co., Ltd. In 2013, SBI manufactured 4120 PCS of special bearings and successfully delivered on time for the project. During the 2017 Spain solar power investigation in May, SBI knowed from Worleyparsons corporation, the owner enginneer of the project, that all the 4120 PCS of bearings had been running for more than one year for the project, with all parameters and indexes being in perfect conformity with expectations and no bearing failures   


Figure: Bearing products for Khi Solar One power station supplied by SBI

As the core part for tracking system of solar-thermal power generation, the production and quality of special bearing makes great differece on the accuracy of tracking system. By using SBI bearings products, Khi Solar One power station shows its great trust in Chinese bearings. What we have done in this large-scale tower solar-thermal power generation project proves that our products can meet and even be beter than the requirements of customer expected technical features. It has active significance for the Chinese supplier of key components in solar-thermal power generation industry to move toward the overseas market.Said SBI representative.   

The construction of Khi Solar One power station is officially started in December, 2012, with installed capacity of 50MW, by joint investment of Abengoa (51%), South African Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) (29%) and Khi Community Trust (20%). In the commercialization development history of tower-type technology, the power station has benchmark significance for its breakthrough innovation in tower-type DSG technology. The power station installed totally 3 cavity receivers and the light field adopted special design. Corresponding to the three branch light field system, there are saturated steam generator and superheated steam generator respectively installed at three sides of the heat collection tower, which can generate steam with temperature up to 530. Compared with the PS20 water actuating medium power station, developed by Abengoa before, the overall efficiency of this powet station increased by 30% due to the employment of direct superheated steam generating technology.