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Customization Tandem Thrust Bearing
Mar 20, 2017

SBI tandem thrust bearings take the 95% market in China. Recently , Regal has ordered the  tandem thrust bearings from us.

Tandem thrust bearing,also named multi-stage cylindrical roller thrust bearing,consists of several axial cylindrical roller bearings arranged in line. A system of rings and washers matched to each other to ensure that all stages of the tandem bearing are subjected to uniform load at all times.

The tandem bearings provided by our institute has the following types: double rows, three rows, four rows, five rows, six rows and eight rows, we also provide bearings with shaft and sleeve barrel. Customers can have their own selections according to center distance of screws, space and load. We also accept the orders of other dimensions.

SBI tandem thrust bearings take the 95% market in China. Shaft type tandem bearing is our patent product which simplifies the mounting structure and makes it easy for customer to mount and dismount it.

Features of the bearing

1. Small radial design envelope

2. High axial load

3. Long operating life

4. low frictional energy


a. single or twin screw extruder

b. Oil pressing machinery

c. Puffed food Extruder

d. Pipe laying Machine,etc.

Tandem thrust bearings

Basic type multi-stage cylindrical roller thrust bearings

Basic type tandem bearings are also know as multi stage bearings. Tandem thrust bearings are comprised of “stages” which include precision ground and matched thrust plates。The design of the bearing is suitable for applications where radial envelope is restricted. These bearings are available in multiple stages, two stages, three stages, four stages, five stages, six stages and eight stages to accommodate your design requirements. And you may select your products in a wide variety of sizes and options.

Features of the bearing

1. High load carrying capability in small OD envelope

2. Manufactured from vacuum degassed carburized bearing grade steel

3. Friction reduction in roller and the retaining ring



2.Deep hole drilling machine

3.Friction welding machines and so on

Supply Capability

This design is in mass production and we are capable of supplying them according to customers’ requirements。 The diameter of bearing ranges from 4mm to 810mm.

big tandem thrust bearingsbig tandem thrust bearings

Big Tandem Thrust bearing 






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