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Demand For Renewable Electricity In Europe Rose By 28% In 2017
Mar 28, 2018

European consumers and businesses are increasingly meeting their green energy plans by recording renewable energy purchases, so demand is growing. According to the announcement, the prices in the wholesale market have risen steadily compared to a year ago, and even the lowest prices hover around 0.65 euros.

Lindberg said that the value of the European renewable energy market is conservatively estimated at 450 million euros, two to three times higher than a year ago.

The current market supply level in 2017 is 410 TWh, but it is expected to increase at least 100 TWh. In 2016, the supply was 509 TWh.

“As new multinational companies join the global RE100 program, we believe demand for renewable energy will continue to grow,” said Lindberg. “Although prices are higher than ever, they still do not reflect the actual marginal value of renewable energy. We can expect further price increases in the coming years."

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