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Depth Analysis Of The Three Major Advantages Of Slew Drive!
Aug 16, 2017

  Depth analysis of the three major advantages of Slew Drive!

  First, the Slew Drive modular

  Due to the high degree of integration of the Slew Drive, the user does not have to purchase and process each of the accessories that make up the rotating device, and to a certain extent reduce the preparation process at the beginning of the product production, thereby greatly improving the labor productivity.

  Second, turn drive security

  Worm gear drive drive has a reverse self-locking characteristics, can achieve reverse self-locking, that is, only by the worm to drive the worm, and can not be driven by the worm gear worm. This feature allows the Slew Drive can be widely used in lifting, aerial work and other equipment, while improving the host's scientific and technological content, but also greatly enhance the stability of the host operating and operating safety factor.

  Third, the Slew Drive to simplify the host design

  Compared with the traditional gear drive, the worm gear drive can be a relatively large reduction ratio, in some cases, the host can save the reducer parts, Slew Drive so as to reduce procurement costs for customers, but also greatly reduces the host failure Birth rate.