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Design Characteristics And Application Field Of New Slew Drive
Oct 23, 2017

Rotary reducer is a rotary support upgrade product, usually by the worm, turbine slewing ring, shell, power source composition. Shell with high quality cast steel has a very high strength, worm gear are used 42CrMo and by glow ion desalination, wear resistance strength are higher than the traditional domestic gas nitriding 50Mn material, and other domestic enveloping worm Harder than the harder life longer. The product can be used for flat-panel truck, hanging wood, single-column cranes, lifting machine, lorry crane, aerial work vehicles, patrol solar energy, automation equipment and other mechanical equipment; in the solar photovoltaic industry, DC planetary gear motor or AC motor mainly in the construction machinery mainly with hydraulic motor as a power drive system.

The Slew Drive can be divided into single-worm drive Slew Drive and double-worm drive Slew Drive.

Features of the revolving mechanism:

1. It is possible to obtain a large transmission ratio, which is smaller than the crossed shaft helical gear mechanism.

2. Two rounds of intermeshing between the tooth surface contact, the carrying capacity is much higher than the staggered shaft helical gear mechanism.

3. Worm drive is equivalent to the screw drive, multi-tooth meshing drive, so the transmission is smooth, the noise is very small.

4. With self-locking. When the lead angle of the worm is less than the equivalent friction angle between the meshing teeth, the mechanism has self-locking, can realize reverse self-locking, that is, only by the worm to drive the worm, and can not drive the worm by the worm. As in the heavy machinery used in the self-locking worm mechanism, the reverse self-locking can play a security role.

5. Transmission efficiency is low, wear more serious. When the worm gear is engaged, the relative sliding speed between the meshing teeth is large, so the friction loss is large and the efficiency is low. On the other hand, the relative sliding speed of the tooth surface wear serious, serious fever, in order to heat and reduce wear and tear, often use the price is more expensive friction and wear resistance of the better materials and good lubrication device, and thus higher cost The

6. worm shaft force greater rotation drive the three major advantages:

Modular: Due to the high degree of integration of the Slew Drive, the user does not have to purchase and process each piece of the components that make up the rotating device, and to a certain extent reduce the preparation process at the beginning of the product, thereby greatly improving the labor productivity.

Safety: worm gear drive (Slew Drive vice) with reverse self-locking characteristics, can achieve reverse self-locking, that is, only by the worm to drive the worm, and can not be driven by the worm gear worm. This feature allows the Slew Drive can be widely used in lifting, aerial work and other equipment, while improving the host of scientific and technological content, but also greatly enhance the stability of the host operating and operating safety factor.

Simplify the host design: Compared with the traditional gear drive, the worm gear drive can be relatively large reduction ratio, in some cases, the host can save the reducer parts, so as to reduce the cost of procurement customers, but also greatly reduced Host failure rate.

Rotary-driven applications Worm gears and worm mechanisms are often used for two-axis faults, large drive ratios, less power transmission or intermittent operation. Slew Drive can be applied to the circular motion of the host, such as crane rotary table, turn the machine, and so on some of the work of circular machinery. The product can be widely used in the operation of high-altitude vehicles, truck cranes as the representative of the field of construction machinery and solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power as the representative of the new energy field, and other automation, machine tool manufacturing, aerospace communications and other fields, The market potential of the product is huge.

Slew Drive sub-application list: Construction machinery with double-worm Slew Drive, with the car hanging Slew Drive, heavy-duty flat truck Slew Drive, high-altitude work car Slew Drive, rail car rotation drive, suction sewage truck rotation drive, rotating claw with a Slew Drive, Bridge detection vehicle Slew Drive device, the iron pole beam Slew Drive device, wind power yaw Slew Drive, solar Slew Drive.