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For Slewing Ring Number You Need To Know
Jan 12, 2017

In the modern industrial production, there are a lot of new parts is a new invention, such as pivoting is used in nearly 40 years, was invented in a large industrial machine parts, it is a significant feature, has now developed a number of different models. I. functions: functions for this part is very simple but very important, a lot of times, people call it "the joints of the machine", inside the machine bearings, flexible turning large parts wanted, rely on such support to the support, flexible steering allowing the machine to run. II. Select supports above: we must focus on is the materials used to support themselves, because the friction and the time running, materials should have a very high degree of hardness and wear-resistance requirements, and also on the whole parts of the specifications, in order to better use. III. classification: slewing now has become a very rich family, in this family include hundreds of different support models, single-layer, two-tier, three-tier, four-story rotating with the ball.-touch Rotary. roll-swivel, dizzying, selection is very rich.