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Maintenance Skills Of Slewing Bearing
Jun 27, 2017

  Maintenance skills of slewing bearing

  First, slewing support bearing maintenance and maintenance:

  In slewing bearing maintenance on the customer's common misconception that the slewing bearing lubricants with the size of the arm lubrication cycle of the same, every day dozen. In fact such acts have the opposite effect. If the lubrication cycle is too short, it will cause too much lubricating oil in the bearing, thus bursting out the dust-proof coil. There will also be leakage of impurities into the bearing inside, thereby damaging the normal operation of the bearing. The lubrication interval of general slewing bearings is about 250 hours. Beat the butter at the same time, at the same time to rotate the machine, every 15 ° a full gun lubricant is enough. The lubrication cycle can be adjusted according to the strength of your work in different application. Generally 1 weeks or so lubrication can be.

  Second, the lubrication of rotary motor:

  Rotary Motor lubricating Oil maintenance cycle of 1000 hours, in the day-to-day operation we have to observe the number of rotary lubricants from the oil feet, in some cases will find the abnormal loss of lubricating oil, we have to open the large ring window, check whether the lubricant through the seal ring leakage to the large tooth ring cavity. In addition to the above maintenance methods, we also regularly check whether the gear ring bolts are loose, slewing bearing dust ring is damaged. Some minor cracks outside will be covered by the soil, if these cracks are not found in time, then it is possible to cause the turntable to crack, and even produce accidents.

  III. Maintenance of rotating large turntable

  Rotary large turntable part includes rotating large gear ring, reducer, central section and other parts. Usually we open the cover plate next to the large arm base, we can observe the lubrication in the large-toothed ring cavity, and the tooth ring wear. With the use of the Machine, Rotary center section of the dust-proof circle will appear aging, such as a rainy day, the rain will follow the central section of the center of the leak into the big tooth ring cavity, causing the turntable water. This will greatly affect the life of the rotary gear Ring of Love machine. In the working process of the excavator, the butter in the cavity is diluted by the water, the lubrication effect can not reach the standard, which will aggravate the wear of the tooth ring, and the other long time soaking will cause the iron peeling on the tooth ring, and eventually lead to the abnormal ring. The most serious is the tooth ring failure.