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New Rotary Drive Unit (worm Gear Rotation Mechanism) The Design Characteristics And Application Field
Jan 12, 2017

Rotary speed reducer is slewing ring product, usually by the worm. worm gear slewing. shell. power source. Shell of stainless steel has a very high strength, worm use 42CrMo glow ion is reduced and wear resistance strength are higher than traditional gas nitriding of 50Mn material, and other enveloping hourglass worm gear hardness was more strongly than longer service life. The products can be used for flat truck. the hanging wood, single column crane, gantry crane, crane truck, aerial, solar patrol daily, automation equipment and other machinery; in the solar photovoltaic industry, Rotary drive unit is typically configured pop star geared motor or gear motor; mainly in the construction machinery hydraulic motor as a power drive system.

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