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Practical Design And Comprehensive Utilization Of Solar Thermal Power Generation Technology
Feb 06, 2018

Unique class of Fresnel tilt array high-power condenser system, simple and simple water-based heat transfer technology, environmental protection and safety of concrete solid state heat storage island, reliability and economy as the center, adhere to the domestic environment more suitable for the development of solar thermal power plants Independent light and heat technology research and development of the heart

Domestic suitable for the development of solar thermal power plants in areas generally larger dust characteristics of the environment, the mirror cleanliness dropped rapidly. Trillion sunlight through the perennial many mirror dust pollution state for a long time, a large number of data are summarized, the first-hand analysis of the impact of mirror pollution quantitative data, the data show that the mirror pollution is very serious, the mirror cleaning effect is China Light One of the decisive factors in the profit and loss of the heat power station must be given high priority.


Photo-thermal power generation can only use direct sunlight, and the influence of mirror dust and other pollution on the reflection concentrating effect is far greater than the surface pollution of the flat-panel photovoltaic module. Under normal circumstances, the clean glass surface accumulation of dust in a day time is not much, for photovoltaic power generation basically no effect, one or two weeks the amount of dust is not significant, this is due to the thin layer of dust attached to the light Absorption is not much, through the light and refraction can still be used for power generation. However, for a photothermal power generation system that achieves high-power concentration by specular reflection, the specular dust particles can block the incident reflected light twice and occlude the obliquely incident light in a particularly significant inverted cosine effect, that is, The angle between the mirror and the mirror gradually becomes smaller and the occlusion phenomenon rises sharply. The other light with a little angle of refraction can not converge to the receiver. Therefore, the spotlight attenuation is very significant after the mirror pollution of the condensing and thermal power generation system.