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Process Of Slewing
Jan 12, 2017

Slewing is a common mechanical parts in industrial equipment, allows industries to improve productivity, gave rise to a great deal of convenience. So what is the pivoting process? 1. first of all, production slewing first step, choose blank, moppet and selected cannot have defects, cracks, stack, and so on. 2. Secondly, the process of slewing moppet. Use different methods to make rough surfaces smooth and rough strength and hardness should be strengthened. 3. then to heat the slewing after high temperature heating, slewing bearing surface without any shortcomings. 4. different processing for different types of pivoting, accuracy is more than 8. 5. next step is to underline the slewing drilling. 6. then to grinding the slewing ring. In addition, the slewing after the process is completed, must be slewing system check and acceptance can be put to sale and use.