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SBI Slewing Drive Introduction
May 05, 2017

SBI special bearing, the most professional special bearing service providers in China, at the beginning of 2008 we focus on photovoltaic, light and heat power generation rotary drive tracker research and development, has become the world's leading solar power generation tracking system Supplier. "precision rotary drive engineering and technology center of Henan Province" after years of research and development , we breakthroughs to achieve 47 patents and intellectual property rights; and the national Torch Program. we can ensure that the company's product testing and advanced and professional, to win the market Perfect guarantee.

Horizontal uniaxial(single-axis )

SBI Horizontal single-axis tracking rotary reducer in the structure more convenient to install, to enhance the tracking accuracy and tracking the stability and reliability of the stent than the fixed stent power generation capacity can be increased by 20% -30%.

Oblique single axis

SBI oblique single-axis rotary reducer tracking structure is simple, stable, greatly affected by the impact of the environment, maintenance on the structure of the burden of less, and vertical single-axis tracking suitable for use in areas with dimensions higher than 40, can increase 25% -35% the amount.


The SBI biaxial rotary reducer has two degrees of freedom of rotation, through the horizontal and pitch angle, the two-axis tracking, control solar modules to recover, so as to enhance power generation efficiency, can increase the power generation of 35% -45%.

SBI fully understand the requirements of thermal and thermal power generation on the tracking system is higher than the photovoltaic power generation, whether slotted, butterfly, tower or other tracking methods in the tracking accuracy greatly improved, the tracking accuracy of 0.03°-0.05° , SBI use of professional special bearing design ideas and experience, the precision rotary reducer using high-precision rolling bearings as a guide wheel, to achieve a smooth slewing performance and high rigidity. To ensure a good repeat positioning accuracy and long-term use of durability, improve product life.

In view of the characteristics and control requirements of photothermal power generation, we continue to participate in the cooperation of EPC, and Abaqus used by SBI to carry out finite element analysis on the transmission part of the reducer to realize static and dynamic simulation and develop reliable and high precision rotary reducer SBI-740 , To achieve the accuracy level <0.05 °.


SBI site commissioning and experiment

Torque test

Test rotary drive output torque, speed, efficiency and other major technical parameters (up to 20000N.m), the test machine using advanced data acquisition sensors, and processing systems. Computer terminals can form test reports directly.

Load test

Simulated rotary drive test conditions for loading test, and further run the turbine worm, the noise, the operation of the intuitive judgments. Maximum load weight 10t.

Salt spray test

The corrosion resistance test was carried out on the surface of the anti-oxidation layer of the rotary drive surface to ensure the high life of the product.

Overturning test

Test the rotary drive overturning moment. The overturning test machine simulates the boom length of 6m, the terminal uses the gravity sensor, and the data is returned to the display to display the result directly. Monitor the rotation of the rotary drive overturned torque during operation. Maximum testable overturning moment: 300Kn.m.