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Slew Drive Is A Full-cycle Rotary Speed Reduction Drive Mechanism With Integrated Drive Power Source
Nov 01, 2017

Rotary drive is a full-cycle rotary speed reduction drive mechanism with integrated drive power source. It is used as a drive follower and mechanism attachment. By attaching a drive on a ring in the inner and outer rings of the slewing ring, the drive source And the other housing is used as both a drive follower and as a connecting base for the driven working part, so that the use of the slewing ring itself is the characteristic of the whole cycle of the rotary joint, and the power source and the main drive Parts, making it a set of rotary, deceleration and drive functions in one at the same time and simple structure, easy manufacturing and maintenance of the general-purpose slowdown transmission.

According to the rotary drive variable transmission form distinction, can be divided into tooth-type rotary drive and worm gear-type rotary drive, inherited gear drive and worm gear drive the characteristics of the two rotary drive can be adapted to high-speed and low-speed applications, In terms of carrying capacity, the performance of the worm gear is better than that of the gear, and when the enveloping worm is used, its carrying capacity, resistance to deformation and transmission rigidity are further improved, but the efficiency of the worm gear Inferior to tooth rotation drive.

According to the open distinction of the rotary drive transmission mechanism, the rotary drive can be divided into open and closed, usually open structure for the environment is too harsh, maintenance and maintenance cycle of short applications, open structure easier to machine The inspection, maintenance and maintenance, but also more convenient to replace. The closed structure can provide a longer maintenance life when the environmental conditions change little or less, and below the following environmental pollution levels.

As mentioned above, the rotary drive is a highly integrated full-cycle rotary slowdown mechanism, and its features are more than that, the maximum and minimum slewing drive can drive the gap between the parts and loads several times, but their size, especially the drive Chain axial size difference is not large, so it is conducive to the structure of the series drive connecting the flat structure, so that the entire mechanical equipment has also been reduced.

In addition, both the gear type and the worm gear type rotary drive due to the main, driven parts of the size difference is very large, it is easier to achieve large transmission ratio of the transmission, which is a lot of other types of variable speed transmission mechanism is not easy to do of.