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Slew Drive Three Major Advantages
Oct 18, 2017

Rotary drive is a full-cycle rotary speed reduction drive mechanism with integrated drive power source. It is used as a drive follower and mechanism attachment. By attaching a drive on a ring in the inner and outer rings of the slewing ring, the drive source And the other housing is used as both a drive follower and as a connecting base for the driven working part, so that the use of the slewing ring itself is the characteristic of the whole cycle of the rotary joint, and the power source and the main drive Parts, making it a set of rotary, deceleration and drive functions in one at the same time and simple structure, easy manufacturing and maintenance of the general-purpose slowdown transmission.

Rotary drive the three major advantages:


Due to the high degree of integration of the rotary drive, the user does not have to purchase and process each piece of the components that make up the rotating device, and to a certain extent reduce the preparation process at the beginning of the product production, thereby greatly improving the labor productivity.

2. security

Worm gear drive with reverse self-locking characteristics, can achieve reverse self-locking, that can only be driven by the worm worm, and can not be driven by the worm gear worm. This feature allows the rotary drive can be widely used in lifting, aerial work and other equipment, while improving the host of scientific and technological content, but also greatly enhance the stability of the host operating and operating safety factor. Rotary drive with the traditional rotary products, compared with the installation is simple, easy to maintain, to a greater extent, save space for installation.

3. Simplify the host design

Compared with the traditional gear drive, the worm gear drive can be relatively large reduction ratio, in some cases, the host can save the reducer parts, so as to reduce procurement costs for customers, but also greatly reduces the host failure rate.

Application areas:

The rotary drive can be used for any occasion where the need for full-cycle rotation and variable speed requirements. When the need for higher torque power transmission, the higher accuracy of the motion transmission or the compact structure of the body requires a higher mechanism selection, the rotary drive Is the best solution.

More common applications are generally the whole cycle of construction and construction machinery and solar energy, wind energy and a variety of long-term operation of the automatic tracking machinery, due to the compact structure, short drive chain, rotary drive is relatively easy to achieve high accuracy and more Easy to digitize control, so there are many applications in the field of industrial robots.

Technology Outlook:

The whole week revolving drive is a traditional mature technology, but the rotary drive as an integrated structure is relatively new, the degree of integration not only brought the application of many advantages, but also for the manufacture and use to create a lot of convenience, but how Increasing the accuracy, durability, and further expansion of this structure is an important task for design, manufacturing, and user needs to continually explore improvements and developments in practice.