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Slewing Bearing A Large Bearing Capable Of Withstanding Integrated Loads
Sep 12, 2017

Slewing bearings are a large bearing capable of withstanding integrated loads, with both axial, radial and overturning moments, which can be used instead of multiple sets of bearings.

Rotary support is a large bearing that can withstand integrated loads and can withstand large axial, radial and overturning moments. Slewing bearings generally with mounting holes, internal gears or external gears, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices, which can make the host design compact structure, easy to guide, easy maintenance. LYTBZ slewing bearings are made of four-point contact ball bearings with no gear, external and internal gear, double row angular contact ball bearings crossed cylindrical roller bearings, cross tapered roller bearings and three rows of cylindrical roller bearings A series of four-point contact ball bearings with high static load capacity, cross cylindrical roller with a high dynamic load capacity, cross tapered roller bearing pre-interference can make the bearing has a greater support rigidity and rotation accuracy , Three rows of cylindrical roller bearings as a result of the load capacity to lead to the bearing height, a variety of forces were born by different raceways, so the same force, the bearing diameter can be greatly reduced, and thus have a more compact host Is a high carrying capacity of the slewing bearing. LYTBZ slewing bearings are widely used in large rotary devices such as lifting machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, marine equipment and high precision radar machinery and missile launchers. At the same time LYTBZ can also be based on the specific requirements of the user design, development, production of a variety of special structure slewing bearings.

Rotary supports are widely used in real industry and are widely known as "machine joints", and their main applications are widely used in: automobile cranes, railway cranes, port cranes, marine cranes, metallurgical cranes, container cranes, excavators , Filling machine, and CT machine standing wave treatment instrument, navigation instrument, radar antenna seat, missile launchers, tanks, robots and revolving restaurants and so on.

LYTBZ three-row roller slewing ring with three seat up and down and radial raceway are separated, so that each row of roller load can be accurately determined to be able to bear a variety of loads, is the four products in the load The largest capacity, shaft, radial size are relatively large structure, especially for large diameter requirements of heavy machinery, such as bucket wheel excavator, wheeled cranes, marine cranes, ladle turn and large tonnage truck cranes Mechanical.

Double ball-type slewing ring with three seat ring, steel ball and isolation block can be directly discharged into the upper and lower raceway, according to the force situation, arranged two rows of different diameter of the ball. This open assembly is very convenient, the upper and lower arc raceway bearing angle is 90 °, can withstand a lot of axial force and tipping moment. When the radial force is greater than 0.1 times the axial force when the raceway to be specially designed. Double row of ball slewing ring bearing, radial size are relatively large, solid structure, especially for the need for medium diameter tower cranes, truck cranes and other loading and unloading machinery.