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Slewing Bearing Brief Introdction
May 25, 2017

Brief description of Slewing Bearing

Rotary bearing bearings, also known as turntable bearings, some people also called it: rotation support, swing support.

Slewing Bearing Introduction

Rotary bearing is nearly four decades in the world gradually emerging new mechanical parts, it has inner and outer ring, rolling body and other components, at present, China's stereotypes production of Slewing Bearing, mainly in the early 80s by the Ministry of Machinery Industry designated Tianjin Institute of Construction Machinery to introduce the company's design and manufacturing technology. December 20, 1984 issued the People's Republic of China Ministry of Machinery Industry Standard: JB / 2300-84 "slewing bearing bearing type, the basic parameters and technical requirements", mainly by the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry Tianjin Engineering Machinery Research Institute, Support the bearing plant is responsible for drafting, and later the country in 1991 issued a construction machinery standard: JB36.1-36.3-91, in 1999 and 2011 has issued a new mechanical industry standard JB / 2300-1999 and JB / 2300-2011 The

Slewing Bearing, is a large load to withstand the comprehensive load, can also bear a larger axial, radial load and overturning moment. Slewing Bearing Bearing bearings generally with mounting holes, internal gears or external gears, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices, which can make the host design compact structure, easy to guide, easy maintenance. Slewing Bearing, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, A series of four-point contact ball bearings with high static load capacity, cross cylindrical roller has a high dynamic load capacity, cross tapered roller bearing pre-interference can make the bearing has a greater support rigidity and rotation accuracy , Three rows of cylindrical roller bearings as a result of the load capacity to lead to the bearing height, a variety of forces were born by different raceways, so the same force, the bearing diameter can be greatly reduced, and thus have a more compact host Is a high carrying capacity of the slewing bearing. Slewing Bearing are widely used in large-scale rotary devices such as lifting machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, marine equipment and high-precision radar machinery and missile launchers. At the same time can also be based on the specific requirements of the user design, development, production of a variety of special structure Slewing Bearing.