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Slewing Bearing Installation
Apr 19, 2017

Slewing bearing installation

1.Requirements of mounting bracket

Mounting combination bracket normally adopt barrel type structure , tunnel wall must be in alignment with raceway center.

In order to avoid slewing bearing partial overload,ensure operating flexible, mounting bracket should be relieved internal stress after all welding sequence, and process mounting plane, the planeness(include plane angular deviation)should be controlled within a certain range, see table 4:

          Table 4  planeness allowable value including angular deviation



Note: the numerical value in table 5 is maximum value, permit one wave crest to achieve this value in sector region of degree 180, and steadily rise or decline  in the region of 0°~90°~180°, not permit sharp increase or sharp decline, so as to avoid peak load.

Mounting bracket should possess well rigidity. Under max permissible load, deflection deformation should be controlled within specified range of table 5.

         Table 5 Deflection deformation under max permissible load


Bolt holes of mounting bracket should be processed as per middle level accuracy of standard GB/T5277-1985, and must be in alignment with support mounting hole of slewing bearing.


2.Necessary inspection should be done for matched main machine mounting plane before each set SBI slewing bearing installation , except require the part of supporting bearing enough rigidity, the  connecting surface need machining and clear surface sundries,burr,paint and other foreign matter.

3.Soft zone symbol s was marked on ring side surface of SBI  slewing bearing supplied for customer, or the position of fitting and filling plug hole is soft zone, soft zone should be placed in non-load area or non-regular load area while mounting .In addition,color is coated on top of the ring with teeth, where it is the greatest jumping point on the gear and the gap between driver gears here needs to be adjusted.

4.Slewing bearing has been lifted at position when mounting, use feeler gauge to inspect flatness of abutted plane.If the clearance is too large,need to re-machine, if really unable to process, may fill plastics or fill up with washers in local region , so as to avoid bearing deformation after bolt was tightened and affect slewing bearing performance.

5.slewing bearing radial locationing, tighten mounting bolt in star-junction mode, inspect bearing slewing status. To ensure bearing stable transmission , gear back lash should be inspected and adjusted before mounting bolt not being tightened completely.Pre-tightening force must be enough while tightening bolt, the pre-tightening  force should be 70% yield limit of bolt material . Mounting bolt should be used together wit quenching flat washer, but using spring washer is strictly prohibited.

6.During the installation , the slewing bearing should adopt high strength bolt, tighten bolt must achieve required pre-tightening load, all kinds of pre-tightening load with different bolt diameter are all as per requirement of table 6.