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Slewing Bearing Installation Method And Precautions
Oct 18, 2017

Slewing bearing bearing equipment, including a variety of slewing bearings bearing large bearings, rotary raceways and so on. Its role is to support a heavier body around a center of rotation. Rotary support bearing device raceway generally need to heat treatment processing, the usual process is: forging → roughing → quenching and tempering → finishing → raceway surface flame quenching → raceway surface grinding and other processes.

One of the raceway surface flame quenching will form a soft band. The so-called soft band is the area without heat treatment. The formation of the soft band is necessary for the heat treatment process.

In the final heat treatment process, the diameter of the raceway circle of the slewing bearing is relatively large. Usually, flame surface quenching is usually carried out in such a way that the surface of the workpiece is hardened by acetylene heating and then the water is cooled. This process is carried out continuously.

Heated flame guns and water guns installed together, along the circle of the workpiece to do circular motion. When the movement to close to 360 degrees immediately stop heating and watering. That is, heating and watering the circular area does not overlap. If there is overlap in the circular area where heating and watering occurs (the angle of heat treatment on the circle is greater than 360 degrees), the workpiece will crack.

The width of the area without heat treatment along the tangential direction is typically 15 mm. This 15 mm area is called a soft band in a slewing bearing. In English often become Soft Zone.

Under normal circumstances, the manufacture of soft parts in the workpiece where the location marked with the word "S" words to illustrate the specific location of the soft band. Imported or domestic formal products usually have this very important mark.

The location of the soft-belt installation is essentially to improve the life of the bearing, both from the user and the manufacturer in terms of the reasonable installation of the slewing ring bearing the upper and lower ring of the soft position of the better.

Therefore, the manufacturer as a slewing bearing should accurately mark the soft belt position of the slewing bearing and, as the manufacturer and the installer, install the flexible belt position of the slewing bearing as required.

Because of the necessity of the presence of a flexible tape on the slewing bearing bearing device, it is required that the user of the slewing bearing mechanism be used as a reasonable place to install the flexible belt in order to improve the service life of the bearing.

The general principle is to try to install the soft belt in the load changes during the soft tape carrying the smallest pressure position. Typically, the upper ring of the rotary device is mounted at a position perpendicular to the projection line of the pitching surface, such as the upper ring of the shiper or stacker reclaimer, to be mounted at a position perpendicular to the center of the cantilever center , That is, standing on the center of rotation on the left or right side of the cantilever 90 degrees position.

In the usual mechanical design, the flexible belt does not have the maximum force of the support roller of the slewing bearing bearing at this position. The mounting position of the lower ring of the rotary device is determined according to the center of gravity of the device and the range of the angle of rotation.

If the angle of rotation is about 100 degrees, the maximum center of gravity of the above part of the rotation is in front, and it is recommended to install the lower ring soft belt at the rear, that is, the 180 degree position. If the position of the center of gravity of the above part of the rotation is equal to the front and rear positions, the angular position of the lower ring can be arbitrarily mounted.