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Slewing Bearing Lubrication And Maintenance
Apr 19, 2017

1.Small quantity of No.2 or No.3 lithium base grease should be coated into raceway when slewing bearing leaving factory, customer should refill new grease according to different working conditions in using.

2.Slewing bearing should be filled grease at regular intervals during use.In general, ball slewing bearing fill oil once per 100 hours,roller slewing bearing fill oil once er 50 hours.In special working environment, such as high temperature,high humidity, dusty,great temperature change and continuous working,need to shorten lubrication interval.And it must be fully stuffed with new grease before and after long term stop running.Every time lubricate, it must be fully filled with grease in raceway, until exuding grease trace from the edge of sealing ring.When fill grease, rotate slewing bearing slowly, make grease filling uniform.

3.For slewing bearing with internal or external gear, need to clear sundries frequently and coat the corresponding grease.

4.According to different working conditions, customer may adopt different grease to meet requirements with optimum performance, such as extreme pressure lubricant Mobilux EP2Shell Alvania EP(LF)2 etc.

5.After slewing bearing first time operating for 100 hours, need to check bolt pre -tightening force,later operate every 500 hours to check it once,must keep enough pre-tightening force.

6.Pay attention to slewing bearing operating situation in use, if discover abnormal situation such as noise, heating, shock , current suddenly increase etc, must stop the machine immediately to check and remove the faults, if necessary need strip inspection.

7.In use, it is prohibited for slewing bearing to washing with water directly, so as to prevent water entering raceway and strictly prevent harder foreign matter near or entering teeth meshing area.

8.To check seal in good condition , replace sealing ring immediately if it becomes damaged, reset immediately if it fell off.