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Slewing BearingBear A Greater Force
Aug 22, 2017

Rotary bearing is a kind of large bearing which can bear the special load such as large axial load, radial load and overturning moment, such as integrated load, set support, rotation, transmission, fixed and so on. Therefore, in the installation of rotary bearing bearings must do a good job of the relevant inspection work, or installation need to pay attention to matters, for this large bearing, we must do maintenance, storage and other work, so as to avoid the following damage to the turntable bearing , Resulting in normal use.

1, slewing bearing bearing installation

Slewing bearings Before installation, the main installation of the host to check, requiring the support should have sufficient strength, the connection surface should be machined, the surface smooth without debris and burrs. For the machining can not be achieved to achieve the required flatness, you can use the injection of high strength of the special plastic filler, to ensure the accuracy of the installation plane and to reduce vibration. The rings of the slewing bearing are hardened, which are marked "S" on the end face of the ferrule. The mounting area should be placed in a non-load or non-normal load area (the pocket hole is always located Soft belt)

When installing the slewing bearings, radial positioning should be carried out, the bolts should be tightened and the rotation of the bearings should be checked. Tighten the bolt should have sufficient preload, the preload should be the bolt material yield limit of 70%. Installation of bolts should be equipped with adjustable leveling washers and the use of spring washers.

2, rotary bearing bearing maintenance

Installed and put into operation Rotary bearing After continuous operation for 100 hours, it is necessary to check whether the preload torque of the mounting bolts meets the requirements and repeat the above check every 500 hours after continuous operation. Slewing bearings should be filled with the right amount of grease, and should be filled side of the bearing to make the grease evenly distributed. Rotary support bearings in the work after a period of time, will inevitably lose part of the grease, so the normal operation of the slewing bearing bearings every 50 to 100 hours after the grease should be added.

3, slewing bearing bearing transport and storage

Bearings in the transport process, should be placed horizontally on the transport, should be to prevent sliding and to prevent vibration measures, if necessary, plus auxiliary support.