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Slewing Drive
Apr 12, 2017

SBI slewing drive is a deceleration device using the principle of worm gear to achieve a large transmission ratio, and the enveloping worm drive is used to transfer movement and power between two axes staggered in space.The drive of slewing drive is usually composed of worm , slewing bearing,housing and power source. 

A slewing bearing is used as the core component, so it can with stand axial load,radial load and tilting moment at the same time . SBI slewing drive compared with the traditional rotary drive products,has the advantages, such as easy installation , easy maintenance,and saving greater space for installation.

Characteristics of main components:

1.Slewing bearing can withstand axial load, radial load and tilting moment at the same time. 

Slewing bearing is generally provided with mounting holes, internal gears or external gears, lubricant holes and sealing device, so the designed host has a compact structure, and is simply guided and is easily maintained.

2.The features of worm gear drive are as follows:

Worm gear drive is used for two axes to intersect at 90 degrees, but when they are not parallel to each other and can not intersect, usually, the worm is active and  the worm gear is passive in the worm gear drive.

(1)Big transmission ratio, compact structure, small size and light weight. 

(2)Steady transmission, no  noise;low shock and vibration. Because the worm drive is equivalent to screw drive, while a number of teeth mesh.

(3)It is line contact between two-wheeled meshing tooth surfaces, and its carrying capacity is much higher than helical gear drive.

(4)With self-locking.When the guide angle of worm is less than the equivalent friction angle of between meshing gear teeth , the body has self-locking, and its reverse self-locking can be achieved.Thus,it is widely used in many mechanical devices required for self-locking.

(5)It can withstand great radial and axial loads and strong tilting moment.

The device moves with wheels to reduce the consumption of force,and plays a security role.In 

addition to solar power generation tracking system, it is also usually used for heavy-duty flatbed truck, crane,lorry crane, mobile crane, overhead working truck , ship crane, gantry crane, small wind power station, space communications, satellite receiver and other fields. 

slewing drive