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Slewing Drive Application
Apr 19, 2017

Slewing Drive Application

1.Slewing drive fitted with electric motors used for the yaw and pitch controls of this solar table.

2.Light cranes-the standard equipment of service truck , using the slewing drive.(also available with special flanges).     

3.Manipulator for turning concrete parts with slewing drive.

4.Cement mixer equipped with a conveyor belt with a length of 16.5m,which is rotated with two slewing drive;the considerable length of the belt leads to high tilting moments.Therefore a double row design with a reinforced housing is used.

Our customers include many of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world, such as ABB,EMERSON,IHI,CARGOTEC,FMC,TEREX,GE etc. SBI bearing used in various application areas,such as :

1.Energy generating equipment (solar energy,wind power, thermal power);

2.Mining equipment and Construction machinery (mill, excavator,bulldozer,road roller);

3.Manufacturing facilities(machine tool);

4.Petroleum, metallurgical equipment (well drilling, rolling mill);

5.Rubber and plastic machinery(injection molding machine);

6.Medical equipment(Spiral CT);

7.Ship equipment on port(Gantry crane, vertical crane, lifting crane, stacker-reclaimer)  

We also provide high quality bearings to the famous bearing dealers in Europe, such as SKS


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