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Slewing Drive Application
May 09, 2017

Slewing drive , mainly used in aerospace, tower crane, excavator, construction machinery, satellite reception system, solar tracking system and many other industries. Especially in recent years,Slewing drive is widely used to the rapid development of solar photovoltaic power generation industry.

The specifications of the slewing drive are different according to the size of the raceway diameter of the slewing ring. WD-080, WD-0130, WD0170, WD0223, WD0343, WD0419, WD-0478, WD-0625 and other specifications, The naming standard for the domestic model is divided into SE3, SE5, SE7, SE9, SE12, SE17, SE21, SE25 and other specifications in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm) according to the approximate raceway diameter of the slewing ring. Foreign model marked "WD" on behalf of: Worm and Drive English abbreviation; domestic model marked "SE" on behalf of: Slewing and Enclose English abbreviation. Regardless of which method is used, the corresponding installation dimensions and performance parameters for each model are the same.

The current slewing drivein the solar industry, the actual use of the model to confirm that there is no uniform standard, mostly in accordance with the actual use of solar panels to determine the size of the selection, the more widely accepted standards to domestic models named for example:   The SE3 actual use of  solar panels in 3-5 ㎡, SE5 in 6-9 ㎡, SE7 in 10-17 ㎡, SE9 in 18-30 ㎡, SE12 in 31-45 ㎡, SE14 in 46-60 ㎡, SE17 in 61-95 ㎡ , SE21 at 96-120㎡, SE25 at 120-160㎡, of course, this is not an absolute standard for reference.

The main components of the slewing drive are: rotary support, worm, casting base and some standard parts such as bearings, bolts and other solar photovoltaic power generation industry, slewing drive is generally equipped with DC planetary gear motor or AC motor; On the main with hydraulic motor as a power drive system.