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Slewing Drive For Solar PV Tracker
Sep 27, 2017

SBI Slewing Drive is the best professional Slewing Drive for Solar PV Tracker

A Solar PV Tracker System is an array mounted on moving framework. It follows the suns path from East to West, therefore optimising system performance. As the widespread use of solar pv tracking system, more and more Slewing Drives for Solar PV Trackers are to be needed. But how to choose a better Slewing Drive for our Solar PV Tracker?

The Slewing Drive is a gearbox that can safely hold radial and axial loads, as well as transmit a torque for rotating. Luoyang SBI Special Bearing Co., Ltd has been dedicating to providing a wide variety of bearing solutions for industries all around the world.

In order to reduce customer costs, SBI company has R&D and produced an integrated rotary drive, this Slewing Drive for Solar PV Tracker with core components, turntable bearings, outer casings and drives (motor or hydraulic motors). Not only this Slewing Drive for Solar PV Tracker help customers save much more time and money. But also this SBI Slewing Drive for Solar PV Tracker save the customer's host installation space, for light and heat or photovoltaic power generation tracking system.

Successful case: The Company Soltec Photovoltaic power generation project with the turntable bearings, Model: SIR20 / 1166。