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SBI Slewing Drive Is The Best Professional Slewing Drive For Solar Thermal Tracking System
Dec 26, 2017

Conversion of solar energy into thermal energy is performed by means of solar collectors. They intercept incoming insolation using absorbers and by convection, conduction and radiation turn it into thermal energy. Solar collectors are sorting function of working principle in plate and concentrator.

Due to variation of the sun position on the sky, in order to obtain a better concentration of the radiations, these collectors are equipped with tracking systems. And all the Solar Thermal Tracking Systerm must need a slewing drive so that can to collect much more solar energy.

Luoyang SBI Special Bearing Co., Ltd. which in China is one of the best factory to produce the professional Slewing Drive for Solar Thermal Tracking System around the world. Our Solar Thermal Tracking System Slewing Drive must be the best assistant for the Solar Collector, and SBI will give you the cheapest price and the best service.