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Slewing Drive Use And Maintenance
Apr 17, 2017

Notes to Use


Notes to the installation of rotary drive pairs:

1. Open the outer packaging box, and remove the inner packaging plastic film;

2. Clean the surface of the rotary drive pairs;

3. Dismantle the bolts on the bottom of the shell, ready to prepare for installation;

4. Place the rotary drive pairs gently on the installation table, and align mounting bolt holes at the same time;

5. Insert bolts from below the installation table into the holes, and tighten the bolts one by one symmetrically;

6. Place the components to be rotated onto the rotary drive pairs gently, while aligning the mounting bolt holes.

Notes to Lubrication, Use and Maintenance

1. Before rotary drive pairs leave the factory, a small amount of No. 2 or No.3 lithium grease is coated inside the roller; when enabling, according to different working conditions, users re-fill new grease.

2. Rotary drive pairs in use should be periodically filled with lubricating grease; the general rotary drive pairs is refueled once every operating for 100 hours, and ball rotary drive pairs is refueled once every 50 hours. Under special working environments such as high temperature, serious humidity, much dust, sharply temperature changes large and at the time of continuous work, the lubrication cycle should be shortened. Before and after long-term stopped operation of machinery, new grease must be to add enough. Each time, lubricating grease must be filled within the roller until grease mark oozes out of the side of seal ring; when injecting grease, rotary drive pairs should be slowly turned to make the lubricating grease to be filled evenly.

3. The rotary drive pairs with inner teeth or outer teeth should be cleared off debris and coated with the appropriate grease.

4. According to different working conditions, customers can choose different lubricating grease according to specific requirements, to meet operational needs by the best performance, such as (Mobilux EP2, Shell Alvania EP (LF) level-2 lubricating grease.

5. After rotary drive pairs operates for 100 hours for the first time, should check the bolt preload, then check once every 500 hours of running, and must maintain adequate preload.

6. Pay attention to the functioning of rotary drive pairs in use, and in case of noise, shock, sudden increase in power and other unusual circumstances, should immediately stop and inspect, take troubleshooting, and if necessary, dismantle and overhaul.

7. Prohibit washing directly the rotary drive pairs in use with water, in order to prevent water from entering the roller, and prevent foreign objects from being close to or into the meshing area of hard teeth.

8. Check the seal in good condition regularly; in case of damaged seal ring, it should be replaced, and if it falls off, it should be reset in time.

9. When a foreign body enters, it may cause damage or loss of function. Before the design, the working conditions and ambient temperature need to be informed of SBI.

10. When uncertainties are actually met in the contents of the records above, please contact SBI.

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