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Slewing Rotation Is Not Flexible To Do Good
Jan 12, 2017

Slewing rotation is not flexible common two aspects: 1. New purchases idling is not flexible. Please check the slewing ring production date, if a longer time, such as six months or more, colder climates, likely Raceway grease viscosity greater cause malfunctioning. In cold areas, winter is important. Troubleshooting: If the afterburner can operate and no other exceptions to normal use if accompanied by noise, check there are no serious injuries in the course of transportation, and feedback I company's after-sales service department. 2. operation after installation is not flexible. Installation with pivoting mounting surface for a host mismatch, slewing axial clearance after installation cannot compensate for slewing ring deformations, pivoting in the negative clearance State, rolling body Raceway operation difficulties sometimes associated with abnormal noise, poor size or gear, or gear cards for any foreign objects.