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Solar Angle Automatic Tracking Tilt Sensor To Improve Conversion Efficiency
Mar 02, 2018

As global environmental pollution and energy shortages become more serious, finding new sources of energy has become a reality that all countries have to face. As we all know, solar energy is one of the richest, cleanest and most promising renewable energy sources in the world. How to effectively develop and utilize solar energy, take the initiative to utilize the equipment and accurately absorb the solar energy is also one of the topics studied with great concentration.

 Slewing Drive for Solar PV Tracker 

Developed and produced BWL326 (Modbus protocol) biaxial dip digital sensor in the positive and negative 90 °, the range can reach 0.1 °, small size, low power consumption, consistency and stability are High, easy to get linear correction. In the process of absorbing solar energy, regardless of which tracking mode is used, it is necessary to precisely control the rotation angle of the solar panel. Therefore, with the BWL326 and mechanical devices to track the sun, can greatly improve the tracking of the degree of automation and stability of their own, to achieve the angle automatically corrected and modified to effectively solve the accumulation of errors over time will increase the problem .


Adopt angle sensor of BWL326 to control the angle of the solar panel, realize the automatic correction and modification of the angle, and effectively solve the problem that the accumulated error will increase with time. The system has the advantages of precision, low cost, easy to damage, easy installation and big Increase efficiency and increase energy receiving rates by more than 30%. With the North micro-sensor tilt sensor widely used in the solar industry, it is bound to clean energy development of this pollution-free, to save energy and protect the environment to make greater contribution.