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Tandem Thrust Bearings Application
Apr 17, 2017

Shaft type:This type is another structure derived from the basic type. A shaft is put through the bore of the basic type. The bearing is fixed onto the shaft by some elastic snap ring. This type is not separable and must be mounted as a whole.SBI shaft type tandem thrust bearings obtained the National Practical New-type Patent of China in 2000 and were chosen as new and high-tech products by province authority.

The following points must be observed when using SBI tandem thrust bearings.

Preload: 1% of rated dynamic load should be put on the bearings first.please refer to the following Fig1~3 for the rated dynamic load for each type.For those not listed in the figs, please contact SBI technical service .

(2)Radial guidance:Full complement cylindrical roller bearings or needle roller bearings can be used.

(3)Slop avoiding:The supporting parts must be machined to avoid any slop.

(4)Mounting tolerance:For proper using of SBI tandem thrust bearings,we recommend the following mounting tolerance:shaft f6 and bore F7.

(5)Lubricant:Tandem thrust bearings must be lubricated by rare oil regularly.

(6)Mounting:When mounting or dismantling the bearings, it is prohibited to use hammer or other heavy tools to knock on the bearing parts.

(7)Application examples:

As the tandem thrust bearings have the characteristics of limiting radial cross section, excellent axial loading capacity, long working life and low friction loss, they have been successfully used in the reduction gearbox for the parallel twin screw extruder in the plastic and rubber industry. Tandem thrust bearings are highly recommended to be used in other machines and equipment.