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Test Method For The Slewing Bearing
Mar 29, 2017

Precise design and proper selection of bearing manufacturing material is the important guarantee for ensuring SBI slewing bearing with high technical performance and high reliability.


As a rule , rolling element of SBI slewing bearing adopt full hardening carbon chromium bearing steel which steel grade is GCr15 or GCrl15SiMn to manufacture, bearing rings adopt surface quenched steel 42CrMo or 50Mn.If any special requirements for main machine, may adopt 42CrMo445# and other grade surface quench steel to make.



After the producing , we use the advanced testing method to ensure the bearing service life , without breaking the product. Like HARD-ECHO SH-65 etc..

slewing bearing test

slewing bearing test

test machine

test equipment

product test


 hardened layer testing


The case-hardened layer has a fine metallographic texture than the non-hardened layer below it.

An ultrasonic pulse irradiated upon a workpiece whose case depth is to be measured is back scattered from the boundary between such two layers as an echo. By measuring the time from the injection of the pulse to the return of the echo, the case-hardened depth is calculated and displayed on a CRT screen Measurement object Depth of the layer hardened by induction hardening Measurement range 0.715mm Measurement resolution 0.1mm Measurement repeat ability ±0.1mm (At the same measuring point)Scanner interface included (Scanner is optional.) Communication function included, protocol RS-232

(The communication kit is necessary for communicating personal computer)

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