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The Future Of DSG Photothermal Power Generation Technology
Jan 22, 2018

DSG technology has the nature of the defects in two aspects: first, to overcome the DSG cycle phase change heat transfer conditions, than single-phase medium is much more complicated, coupled with the light intensity and the incident angle changes all the time, directly produce saturated steam scheme relatively simple general engineering design, if the direct output of superheated steam, output stability generally poor system reliability is not high; there are second phase transition and heat cycles, make thermal storage design with the support of the DSG complex, molten salt conventional cold and hot pot switching operation mode will cause heat grade decline, not practical, the relative lack of long time thermal storage technology supporting the theory of right.


Because of this, at present, the international DSG power plant has been put into operation in general only produce saturated steam, and does not set up large-scale heat storage system for a long time, the need to increase the combustion system or boiler steam system combined with conventional operation can meet the stability of steam turbine power generation system and the adjustment of the demand, so the development of space is limited, not the formation of large-scale applications.

For the conventional heat collecting trough concentrating system, the vacuum tube rotate together with the mirror, when using water as working fluid, high temperature and high pressure operation of the DSG system is very difficult to reliably solve economic activities pipeline connection problems; more importantly, endothermic trough concentrating system heat pipe is half cycle heating condition, condenser the uneven distribution of flow is very serious, irradiation can easily lead to uneven distribution of heat pipe radial temperature difference, studies have shown that the heat pipe by the absorption of light and backlight on both sides of the sun's energy more than 60:1, resulting in heat pipe radial temperature difference reaches 80 deg.. In addition, with the rotation of the mirror, the light receiving area and the heat absorbing pipe inside the liquid region cannot overlap, will further exacerbate the bending heat tube of metal pipe, resulting in vacuum glass tube is broken, therefore, single from this point can be judged, the actual application of the trough to succeed DSG.