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The Selection Of Rotating Device Motor
Apr 28, 2017

Rotating device turntable speed is usually 0.1 ~ 1r / min. Rotate the half circle of the required time, according to different modes of movement, roughly 40 ~ 60s. If the speed is too high, then the start and brake will make the ladle inside the turntable drive system, by the motor, the speed ratio reducer and open gear or pin wheel composition. In order to be able to rotate when the power failure, but also equipment standby power or other power system. When the motor is driven, the battery can be powered by the power failure. Using AC motor power supply, power failure can be used hydraulic or pneumatic motor drive. Large-scale rotary table to use more dual-motor drive, when a motor failure, the other motor can be allowed in the normal operation of the overload state. Calculating the driving power of the rotary table rotary device directly affects the selection of the motor, and the choice of the motor directly affects the work of the rotary table can not be safe, so the calculation of the driving power and the selection of the motor are necessary.

There are many types of motor, which according to the type of work power division can be divided into DC motor and AC motor according to the structure and working principle division: can be divided into DC motor, asynchronous motor, synchronous motor by start and run mode division: Phase asynchronous motors, capacitive running single-phase asynchronous motors, capacitive start-up single-phase asynchronous motors, and split-phase single-phase asynchronous motors are divided into by application: motor for driving and control motors are divided by rotor structure: cage induction motors ( The old standard is called the squirrel cage type asynchronous motor) and the winding rotor induction motor (old standard is called winding type asynchronous motor) according to the running speed division: high speed motor, low speed motor, constant speed motor, speed motor. According to the above calculation results, we can choose the series of three-phase asynchronous motor; and by the given drawings of the motor dimensions A = 457 mm, so the base number is 280S or 280M, access to reference [12], because PMAX = 43.78 Kg, select the motor model Y280MS-6; rated power PN = 45kW, rated speed N = 980R / min; 6 synchronous speed of 1000R / min; overload factor of 2.0.