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The Slew Drive Can Be Applied To The Main Body Of Circular Motion
Oct 23, 2017

The Slew Drive can be applied to the main body of circular motion, such as crane turntable, rotating machinery, and so on some of the work of circular machinery. The product can be widely used in the operation of high-altitude vehicles, truck cranes as the representative of the field of construction machinery and solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power as the representative of the new energy field, and other automation, machine tool manufacturing, aerospace communications and other fields, The market potential of the product is huge.

1, transport beam car field

Most of the traditional rotary girder rotary assembly core components use the traditional rotary support products, because the Slew Drive device does not have the outer shell, corrosion resistance is not very good, and by hydraulic cylinders to promote the tire steering system, the tire Of the rotation angle range has also been greatly limited. The use of Slew Drive as a rotating part, not only can make the parts of the corrosion resistance has improved, but also can increase the steering angle of each group of tires.

2, the field of high-altitude operations

Aerial work vehicles are an important area of use for Slew Drive. Normally high-altitude vehicles require high safety factor for the mainframe. The high safety of the Slew Drive (self-locking of the worm) is chosen by the majority of users as a high-altitude platform On the other hand, the worm gear drive drive has a larger transmission ratio, so as to improve the host safety factor at the same time, but also for the host omitted a group of worm gear reducer, thereby reducing the host manufacturing cost.

3, the field of photovoltaic power generation

Photovoltaic power generation is an important application area of Slew Drive, the use of Slew Drive for the rotating parts of the solar PV modules, according to the sun in different positions of the host to the corner and elevation of the host to accurately adjust the time is the solar panel out of the most Good reception angle.

4, wind power field

As with PV discovery, the slewing drive can be applied to the yaw of the wind turbine to achieve a 360 ° rotation of the mechanism to better adjust the receiving angle.

5, engineering machinery claw with the field

Engineering machinery Aids are a new field of application for Slew Drive. Slew Drive is used as a rotating mechanism to make the design structure more concise, more conducive to use and maintenance. At the same time, the worm gear drive has a large speed ratio, The positioning accuracy of engineering machinery aids is also greatly improved.