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The Winter Maintenance Slewing Drive Should Proceed From The Following Aspects
Oct 11, 2017

Many customers have mentioned the question of how the winter slewing drive should be maintained. As the key components of the mainframe, the slewing drive can work properly, which is related to the running performance of the host. Winter cold weather, will have a certain impact on the normal operation of the Rotary drive, then we in the winter exactly how to maintain the rotary drive?

The winter maintenance Slewing drive should proceed from the following aspects:

1, Rotary Drive factory roll to the inside with a small amount of 2nd-pole pressure Lithium grease, enable users should be based on different working conditions, the new grease filled.

2, should be comprehensive work factors, users can also according to specific requirements to choose the best grease.

3, Rotary drive roller should be regularly added grease. General ball support every operation 100 hours refueling once, roller support every 50 hours refueling once, special working environment, such as tropical, humidity, dust, temperature difference and continuous work, should shorten the lubrication cycle. The machine must also add new grease before and after a long stop operation. Each lubrication must be filled with grease in the raceway until it seeps from the sealing tape. When injecting grease, it is necessary to rotate the rotary drive slowly, so that the grease is filled evenly.

4, the tooth surface should often remove debris, and coated with the corresponding grease.

5, Slewing Drive for the first time after 100 hours, should check the pretension force of bolts, after every 500 hours of operation inspection, must maintain sufficient preload force.

6, the use of attention to Rotary drive operation, such as the detection of noise, impact, sudden increase in power, should immediately stop the inspection, troubleshooting, if necessary.

7, the use of the prohibition of direct water scouring rotary drive to prevent ice and snow into the raceway. Prevent the hard foreign body from approaching or entering the tooth meshing area.

8, often check the integrity of the seal, if found that the seal bag breakage should be replaced in a timely manner. If found shedding should be promptly reset.