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Type Selection And Calculation For Slewing Bearing
Apr 12, 2017

Because  different working conditions, most slewing bearings are all operating under eccentric load, except supporting axial load and radial load, bearing also has to overcome tilting moment.So using load-moment diagram as slewing bearing selection method is the way which the present customers adopt generally while selecting type and calculating. 

Necessary technical data

1)Load what bearing supported

2)Each load and percentage share of operating time

3)Rotating speed or number of revolutions under each load. 

4)Circumferential force on gear 

5)Slewing bearing dimension 

6)Other operating  conditions 

According to the information in catalog, using static and dynamic load curve, customers can preliminary select slewing bearing as per the method of type selection and calculation , then communicate with our technical department and confirm it. Also the corresponding information of slewing bearing could be supplied to our company and type selection and calculation would be done by us.If you want us to design and select type , please ask type selection  technical paremeter sheet and fill it carefully.So we can submit not only exact but also economical and practical slewing bearing type selection solution to you as soon as possible.

slewing bearing

Slewing bearing 

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