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What Are The Main Applications Of Slew Drive?
Aug 03, 2017

  What are the main applications of Slew Drive?

  1, the field of transport girder vehicles

  Traditional slewing bearing products are mostly used in the core parts of the slewing assembly of the beam-transporting vehicle. Compared with the Slew Drive, because the Slew Drive device does not have the outsourcing shell, corrosion resistance is not ideal, and rely on the hydraulic cylinder to promote the tyre steering system, the tire rotation angle range has been greatly limited. The selection of Slew Drive device as a rotating part, not only can make the corrosion resistance of components to improve, but also to increase the steering angle of each group of tires.

  2, Aerial vehicle field

  Aerial work vehicle is an important area of Slew Drive, usually the high safety factor of the main machine is needed, the higher safety of the Slew Drive (self-locking of worm wheel and worm) is an important factor for the users to choose as the accessories for aerial work platform. On the other hand, worm wheel and worm Slew Drive transmission has a larger transmission ratio, so as to improve the safety factor of the host, but also for the host to omit a group of worm gear reducer, thereby reducing the cost of the mainframe.

  3. PV Power Generation Field

  Photovoltaic power is an important application field of Slewing drive, and the solar photovoltaic module, which is driven by rotary parts, can adjust the angle and elevation of the main engine according to the different position of the sun in one day, which is the best receiving angle of the solar panel at all times.

  4. Wind power

  The same as the PV discovery, the Slew Drive can be applied to the yaw position of the wind turbine, and the horizontal 360° rotation of the mechanism is realized to better adjust the receiving angle.

  5, the field of engineering machinery Claw

  The Engineering machinery Auxiliary apparatus is a new application field of Slewing Drive, using Slew Drive as the claw tool of rotating mechanism, makes the design structure more concise, more advantageous to use and maintenance, at the same time worm gearing has a larger speed ratio, so that the positioning precision of engineering machinery auxiliary tools such as claw tools is greatly improved.