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What Is The Slew Drive Tracking System?
Aug 03, 2017

  What is the Slew Drive tracking system?

  Brief analysis of the application of Slewing drive in PV power tracking system

  Slewing Drive is a whole-cycle rotary deceleration transmission mechanism integrated with driving power source, which uses slewing support as driving follower and mechanism attachment, and by attaching active parts to a circle in the inner and outer ring of slewing bearing, the driving source and the shell, while the other ring as a driving follower, and as the connecting base of the driven working part, so using the slewing support itself is the whole cycle of the characteristics of the connecting parts, efficient configuration of driving power source and main transmission parts, so that it becomes a set rotation, Deceleration and driving function in one.

  Slewing Drive has three major advantages:

  First, modular: As a result of the high integration of Slew Drive, so that users do not have to make up each part of the rotating device procurement and processing, to a certain extent, also reduce the production of products at the beginning of the preparation process, thereby greatly improving labor productivity.

  Second, simplify the mainframe design: compared with the traditional gear drive, worm gear transmission can be relatively large deceleration ratio, in some cases, can save the reducer parts for the host, so as to reduce procurement costs for customers, but also greatly reduce the host failure rate, while the structure is simple, manufacturing and maintenance of convenient general-purpose reducer.

  Third, security: worm gear transmission with reverse self-locking characteristics, can achieve reverse self-locking, that is, can only be driven by the worm worm gear, but not by worm-driven worm movement. This feature makes the Slew Drive can be widely used in lifting, aerial work and other equipment, in the improvement of the host's scientific and technological content, but also greatly enhance the operating stability of the host and the safety factor. Compared with the traditional rotary-type products, the Slew Drive is easy to install, easy to maintain, and much more to save the installation space.

  Due to the use of slewing bearing and ring bread-enveloping worm structure, the Slew Drive can reach the multiple teeth contact, has the transmission torsion distance big, the movement is stable and so on characteristic, this characteristic conforms to the solar photovoltaic power generation application, the slewing bearing can withstand the larger radial, the axial load as well as the strong overturning moment wind resistance ability, is suitable for the application in the photovoltaic power tracking system.