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YRT Turn Table Bearing To Ensure A Stable Axial Bearing Capacity
Sep 27, 2017

YRT Turn Table Bearing are divided into YRT type, YRTS type, YRTM type, these four types of bearings have the same installation size, the internal structure of the difference, the other ZKLDF four-point ball contact bearing its shape and structure similar performance. The YRT series has three rows of rollers. The two rows of axial rollers ensure a stable axial load carrying capacity. A series of radial rollers ensures that the bearing can withstand radial and overturning moments. High carrying mechanism.

1. Axial / radial bearing YRT

The YRT bearing consists of a thrust / radial seat ring, a thrust / torch ring, a thrust washer, two needle roller cage assemblies and a set of concentric cylindrical rollers. Rings and shafts are fitted with screw holes for mounting. This type of bearing has high axial and radial bearing capacity. High tilt stiffness and extremely high accuracy. Suitable for rotary table, chuck and iron head and measurement and experimental bearing configuration. This type of bearing on the matching equipment parts are also higher requirements. The tightening torque of the mounting screws must be controlled during installation.

2. Axial / radial bearing YRTS

Because YRTS bearings have a high limit speed and very low stability of the friction torque and other characteristics, so this bearing is particularly suitable for torque on the engine.

3. Axial / radial bearings YRTM

YRTM is a two-way thrust cylindrical roller YRT combined bearing with steel scale for real-time monitoring and adjustment of the rotation accuracy of two-way thrust cylindrical roller bearings to ensure high precision operation.

4. Axial angular contact ball bearings ZKLDF

ZKLDF with low friction, high rotation accuracy, high limit speed and other characteristics, can withstand high axial, radial load and have a high tilt stiffness. This type of bearing is particularly suitable for use in composite load and precision areas, is widely used in machine turntable, grinding head and a variety of test equipment.

As the YRT turntable bearing precision, stiffness, stability requirements, the current domestic YRT bearing manufacturers are not many major manufacturers are basically located in Luoyang, Wafangdian, Harbin, the three bearing manufacturing base, after decades of development, domestic enterprises Has completed a full range of YRT turntable bearings (see model and parameter list) production, some brands have been replaced by foreign imports of similar products for the domestic machine tool industry and other upstream industries to provide a solid foundation for the development.