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YRT Turn Table Bearing Widely Used In Medical Equipment And Other Equipment
Oct 18, 2017

YRT turntable bearing is a commonly used high-precision bearings, from its name can be learned that a professional design for the turntable bearings. At the same time it is also widely used in medical equipment, CNC machine tools and even precision radar and other high-precision equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the turntable bearing a good state and the use of performance, to be maintenance, maintenance, in order to prevent accidents in order to ensure the reliability of operation, improve productivity, economy. Maintenance of the best operating conditions of the corresponding operating conditions, regular inspection.

YRT turntable bearing inspection, including monitoring the operation of the state, add or replace the lubricant, regular inspection of the demolition. As the maintenance of the operation, there are YRT turntable bearing rotation, vibration, temperature, grease status and so on. When removing the bearing under repair, first record the appearance of the bearing, confirm the remaining amount of the lubricant, and check the lubricant for the inspection.

According to the effect on the turntable bearing on the load, the ring rotation of the situation, the load can be divided into fixed load, load shedding and back and forth shaking load three.

1, the radial load of the fixed load is borne by the area of the part of the ring raceway and is transmitted to the corresponding part of the appropriate surface area of the shaft or shell. This load of Swedish bearings is called a fixed bearing load. The unique place of the fixed load is that the synthetic radial load is relatively static with the ferrule. Bearings that bear fixed loads are generally suitable for loosening.

2, the amount of load shedding on the bearing ring on the synthetic radial load vector along the rolling wheel in the direction of rotation, in turn by the various parts of the raceway, and accordingly transmitted to the shaft housing hole surface of the various parts. This load is called the turn-off load, also known as the cyclic load.

The unique place to turn off the load is to synthesize the radial load vector relative to the ferrule. Bear the load on the ring with the shaft or shell hole should be used to clear the gap or interference. The synthetic radial load vectors acting on the bearing rings are relatively shaken back and forth within a certain area of the ferrule for a certain area of the raceway and are transmitted to a certain area of the outer surface of the shaft or shell , Or the effect of the load on the bearing is the impact load, the oscillation load, its load direction or the number of people often change, this load is called back and forth rocking load, also known as not the direction of load. Bearings bear the shaking load back and forth, especially in the burden of charge, the outer ring should be considered appropriate and the use of appropriate interference. When the inner ring is swung back and forth, it is appropriate to use the reverse load when the inner ring is considered suitable.

YRT turntable bearings with negative clearance preload, can withstand part of the bearing load, to avoid excessive stress bearing deformation seriously affect the accuracy, therefore, the choice of YRT turntable bearings and manufacturers must share the load requirements, the general bearing factory clearance clearance appropriate To achieve the desired effect.