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YRT Turn Table Bearing With Suitable For Axial And Radial Bearing Mechanisms
Sep 12, 2017

YRT turntable bearing Definitions: Two-row axial roller (subjected to axial load) and a series of radial roller (radial load) composed of a combination of turntable bearings. Application of disciplines: mechanical engineering (a discipline); mechanical parts (two subjects); rolling bearings (two subjects), turntable bearing the development of new opportunities and challenges.

1.YRT type

The YRT bearing consists of a thrust / radial seat ring, a thrust / torch ring, a thrust washer, two needle roller cage assemblies and a set of concentric cylindrical rollers. Rings and shafts are fitted with screw holes for mounting. This type of bearing has high axial and radial bearing capacity.

2.YRTS type (radial with nylon holder)

Radial roller with nylon retainer YRTS bearing has a high limit speed and very low stability of the friction torque and other characteristics, so this bearing is suitable for torque on the engine.

3.YRTM type (including steel gate measurement system)

YRTM is a two-way thrust cylindrical roller YRT combined bearing with steel grating for real-time monitoring and adjustment of the rotation accuracy of the two-way thrust cylindrical roller bearings to ensure high precision operation.

Product use: YRT bearing bearing with suitable for axial and radial bearing mechanism. High tilt stiffness and extremely high accuracy, suitable for rotary table, chuck and iron head and measurement and experimental bearing configuration. This type of bearing on the matching equipment parts are also higher requirements. The tightening torque of the mounting screws must be controlled during installation. Mainly used in high-precision CNC turntable, dividing head, military radar, aviation, aerospace and measurement and testing requirements of high precision areas.

Design and installation

1.For the requirements of the structure with the structure shown in the right figure, when the fixed screw to protect the bearing parts, in order to facilitate the installation of the center, the installation of the screw can be released, the installation of the screw should be tightened or replaced with the best screw replacement screws The

2.With or without additional support ring can be installed L-section ring 2

a)Without support ring, bearing code YRT

b)The entire surface of the VBR, L-section ring must be supported by the bearing code YRT with the L-section ring support ring.

3.Assembly force can only be installed through the bearing rings to pass, must not pass through the rolling body.

4.Position the screws to tighten the torque wrench in a crossed form.

5.Do not separate or exchange bearing parts for installation and removal.

6.Start the friction torque is the scale table bearing friction torque of3to3.5times.